PhD in Ethnology, Teacher of Art History, Research Fellow

Research interests

With her background in ethnology and cultural anthropology she has abundant research experience in migration studies and a history of working as a project coordinator and manager. Using different methodological approaches she has carried out several extensive fieldwork researches (in Australia, Argentina, Germany, Norway and Slovenia) and presented the outcomes on several conferences and in the form of scientific reports, articles and a book. In her work she is dealing with problems of return migration, migration as cultural process, labour migration, identifications and representation of migrants, and most recently with mobility of artist and cultural professionals.

Kristina has coordinated groups of researchers at the partner institution in two LLP projects and one project financed by SEE Transnational Cooperation programme. Independently she has managed one concluded and one running project on posted workers, financed by the EaSI program, Progress axis. She was the co-organizer of the national foresight exercise part of the SEEMIG project and is co-author of the several reports and a handbook on labour migration/mobility. Kristina was also co-editor and later Editor in Chief (2010-2012) of the main national scientific journal in migration studies.

She is actively involved in Slovenian Ethnological Society and European Association of Social Anthropologists.

Selected publications

Toplak, K., »Buenas Artes« Ustvarjalnost Slovencev in njihovih potomcev v Buenos Airesu (Buenas Artes. Creativity of Slovenians and their descendants in Buenos Aires),  2008, Ljubljana: ZRC SAZU publishing.

Vah Jevšnik, M., Toplak, K., Foresight as a method in migration studies, Dve domovini/Two Homelands, 40, 2014, 139-146. 

Stropnik, N., Kump, N., Toplak, K., Vah Jevšnik, M.,. National policy recommendations on the enhancement of migration data for Slovenia. [Ljubljana]: Institute for Economic Research: Scientific Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, 2014.

Vah Jevšnik, M., Toplak, K., The impact of welfare generosity on emigration: the case of Slovenia, In: Cross-border migration and its implications for the Central European are, edited by Lubomír Faltan, Bratislava: Slovak Committee for UNESCO MOST Programme: Institute for Sociology of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, 2015, 130-146.

Rogelja, N., Toplak, K., Vah Jevšnik, M., Mlekuž, J., Napotitve delavcev iz Slovenije: nekatere specifike in problemi (Posting of Workers from Slovenia: Some Particularities and Problems), Dve domovini/Two Homelands, 44, 2016, 125-137. 

ŠUMI, I., TOPLAK, C., TOPLAK, K., From raw ideology to cooked legality: nation and citizenry in post-socialist Slovenia. Anthropological notebooks, 22 (3), 2016, 125-143.


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