PhD. in intercultural studies, studies of comparative ideas and cultures, Geographer, Ethnologist, Research Fellow

Research interests

Jernej Mlekuž has graduated in geography, ethnology and cultural anthropology from the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana. He has received an MA in geography (at the same faculty) and a PhD in intercultural studies, studies of comparative ideas and cultures in 2008 at the School of Humanities, University of Nova Gorica. Since 1999 he has worked at the Slovenian Migration Institute.

His research focus is on migration theory and methodology, cultural aspects of migration processes, material culture, epistemology, epiphenomena and water levels and gauges.

Fields of work: migration studies, social spatiatility, material culture, media studies, philosophy of science

Selected publications

MLEKUŽ, Jernej.! Koncepti / recepti (! Concepts / recepies). Ljubljana: Studia humanitatis, 2008 (translated in Serbian (Beograd: Clio, 2011) and Albanian language (Ferizaj: Humanistica, 2011).

MLEKUŽ, Jernej. ABC migracij (ABC of migration). Ljubljana: ZRC publishing, 2011.

MLEKUŽ, Jernej (ed.). Klepetavi predmeti. Ko predmeti spregovorijo o nas in drugih (Chatty artefacts. When artefacts talk about ourselves and others). Ljubljana: ZRC publishing, 2011.

MLEKUŽ, Jernej (ed.), LUKŠIČ HACIN, Marina (ed.). Go girls! When Slovenian women left home. Ljubljana: ZRC publishing, 2009.

MLEKUŽ, Jernej (ed.), MILHARČIČ HLADNIK, Mirjam (ed.). Krila migracij. Po meri življenjskih zgodb (Dressed to go. Women  stories on migration). Ljubljana: ZRC publishing, 2009

MLEKUŽ, Jernej. Burekalism. A slovenian view of bureks and burekpeople. Annales, Ser. hist. sociol., 2011, 21/2, 317–326.

MLEKUŽ, Jernej. Burekpomeni burekdarovanja neburekljudem (Burekmeanings of burekgiving to nonburekpeople).  Dve domovini / Two Homelands, 2010, 31, 65–77.

MLEKUŽ, Jernej. Kozmoklobasanje. O e-uživanju vesoljske kranjske klobase (Cosmic sausaging. On the e-consumption of Carniolan space sausage). Dve domovini / Two Homelands, 2009, 29, 27–51.

MLEKUŽ, Jernej. Č, or on burekalism and its bites. An analysis of selected images of immigrants and their descendants in Slovenian media and popular culture. Dve domovini / Two Homelands, 2008, 28, 23–37.

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